About Us

At Polliacks Music, our uncompromising dedication to providing South Africa with only the very highest quality musical instruments goes back over 100 years. We can trace our roots as far back as 1896, when Aaron Polliack opened his first store on Hanover Street in Cape Town’s Disctrict 6. Joined by his son Herman in 1906, the father and son team ensured that 30 years later, H Polliack & Co. had three major branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, selling a wide range of musical instruments, along with electrical appliances such as radios and refrigerators. No matter how big the company grew however, Polliack still valued impeccable customer service and made sure that the stores offered nothing less than the best quality products.

H Polliack & Co. was the South African agent for the American record company Columbia in the 1930s. Columbia was looking to record the first South African record. This led to the first South African record contract being signed with Chris Blignaut in 1930. Blignaut was famous for folk songs such as "Ou Ryperd' and "Die Donkie".1

1. Plate en Politiek - Populêre Afrikaanse Musiek en die samelewing, S.D. Van Der Merwe, 2019, African Sun Media



Polliacks Music (Pty) Ltd was established in 1965 and since then, much has changed and much has stayed exactly the same. We’ve embraced the digital revolution, trading primarily as an online retailer in order to offer our customers the convenience of online shopping and we stock instruments made using cutting edge materials and techniques. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the evolving needs of music students, and offering teachers and tutors the equipment they need to introduce music into the lives of their students. We still hold true to the values that have defined the Polliacks brand for the past 126 years. We still personally select every single product in our range based on its quality and value and strive to make the browsing and ordering process as hassle free and enjoyable as possible. This means that you can rest assured that anything you order from Polliacks Music has been personally endorsed by us. Polliacks Music is a physical expression of our love and passion for music. So we’ll keep working to make your shopping experience as easy as possible, so you can spend more time doing what you love, making music.

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